Friday, October 25, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday - Progress

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  No finished objects to be found here this week but progress is being made on all of my many projects.  First, I warped my Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom up for a scarf.  I'm using two different variegated yarns that were actually bought together as a set.  The yarns are called Sun Salutations dyed by my friends Rita and Carla from Yarn Hollow and CJ Koho Designs.  I always love their colorways and I've enjoyed spinning their dyed fibers forever so working with their yarn is delicious.  The yarn is a Corridale/Nylon 75/25 blend.

Next, I'm making progress on my KAL cowl.  I'm almost to the halfway point.  This one is a bit more difficult to work on because I need to concentrate on the chart so I get a row or two done a day.  I'm hoping to devote some time to it this weekend.

I'm still making headway on my Ghostie Socks.  In this photo you can see where the after-thought heel will go.  It won't be long before I reach the toe then finish the heel.  My co-workers are impatient about me finishing because, "You have to have them done by Halloween next week!"  Actually, I don't.  I can wear these socks wherever and whenever I want and I might just wear them Christmas week just to drive everyone crazy because that's how I roll ;-)

Ooooh, I almost forgot my yarn.  I have been busy at my wheel too. This is a special order for a co-worker who is gifting it to her daughter down South.  It's 754 yards 8.4 oz of my Metallica/Taz Suri
Alpaca/Merino/Silk roving.  I love this blend so hard I don't want to give it away (and I already have two shawls out of this blend)  Now, share your adventures in Fiber Arts.
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  1. Your weaving yarn is so beautiful in colour, and looks really soft that I just want to reach into the screen and touch it. I love the ghostie socks too, which have reminded me that one of my targets for 2013 was to knit a pair of socks, so I had better get a move on.

  2. Ooooh love that scarf! I haven't tried clasped weft yet, a bit too advanced for me right now but it's definitely on the to-do list! The ghostly socks are so cute, and that yarn! Hmmm....

  3. The scarf is gorgeous! I need to try my hand at weaving...oh no wait, there's no space anywhere for ANYTHING else in my house!

  4. Wow - that woven scarf is fantastic! I need to be more adventurous!

  5. The color of your KAL is really gorgeous! I love wearing bright colors on those gray, colorless winter days that will be coming soon. Sniff.....

  6. Whoops! Meant KAL cowl....this cold is making me foggy.

  7. I'm really glad your ghostie socks are turning out nicely after they were so ill-behaved to begin with. :-)

  8. Yes, Alpaca+Merino+Silk = very yummy.

    and I agree.... where your ghostie socks whenever you please. :-)

  9. Love the weaving...wish I had your talent!

  10. I'm with Kathryn, on both counts! That handspun looks gorgeous.