Friday, November 1, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday -, Halloween Weaving

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  I have a finished object!  I wish I had three but apparently there truly aren't enough hours in the week for me to accomplish everything.  Oh well, another reason to get you to tune in each week.

First, I want to share my newest weaving project.  It's called Sun Salutations and it's named after the yarn I wove with. The yarn dyed by Yarn Hollow and CJ Koho Designs was a delight to work with.  I still have a bit to work with so I'm debating about another weaving project or possibly a knitted accessory.  I used the clasped weaving technique to achieve this look letting the yarn do all of the work.  As much as I loved the weaving on the loom, I really love how it looks being worn.  The colors are amazing together.

Next, I made major progress on my KAL Cowl this weekend.  I'm officially at the halfway point.  Not bad for having to knit lace on a chart.  There might be hope for me yet ;-)

Finally, I'm sharing my Ghostie socks.  Nope!  They didn't get completed for Halloween but that's ok because I'll be wearing them this Christmas.  I might be the slowest sock knitter ever but I am enjoying them and that's all that matters.

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  1. Oh WOW! that scarf is soooo beautiful! I get a lot of inspirations reading about your weaving :) The cowl is coming along nicely, such a pretty colour. And the ghost socks, who cares you don't finish them by Halloween? They are cute!

  2. I just love all of this...and I love the scarf more than ANY of the others above me ;)

    The socks are pretty awesome too, in colour terms. Fantastic toe!

  3. I may just rival you for slowest sock knitting...and (frowny face) this morning I put on my favourite pair of handknit socks and there is a hole in the bottom...a big one. Good thing I still have enough yarn to make another pair (sad thing is it will probably take me all year to do it).
    Thanks for hosting once again.

  4. I love the scarf! You are an amazing weaver! Inspiring!

  5. Sun Salutations is beautiful! We could use some sun here today, as it's gray and white and everything seems so muted.
    I'm started my own cowl this weekend, but have been procastinating 'cause I have to cast on over 300 stitches!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. LOVING your latest scarf, Andrea!!! Your weaving rocks!

  7. The scarf really turned out great!

  8. That scarf is simply gorgeous!!! :)

  9. Lace charts are really something, aren't they? I have to concentrate SO HARD to get through a row, and if I mess up ... well, I'll just say it's challenging! Looking forward to seeing the cowl all blocked out!

  10. Your woven scarf is really a work of art and what beautiful fall colors - great job!

  11. I LOVE your ghostie socks, those are so fun!!!