Friday, November 29, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday - Thankful

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Today I'm spending the day at home with the family enjoying our Doctor Who marathon while alternating between knitting, weaving and spinning.  Yesterday was a super productive family day.  I was able to enjoy them and my fiber arts. I plied a skein of yarn I had spun singles for last week, finished a hat I cast on earlier in the week plus finished a woven scarf I warped last week plus I made dinner with the help of Grumpy and got lots of cuddle time in with the Bears.

Yup!  Just a wee bit productive.  First, I am sharing the owl that I teased you with last week.  He is even more adorable than I had hoped he would be.  I really am going to have to make another one because now I don't want to give him away.

Next, this skein of yarn is used from all of the fiber that I take off my drum carder. You can see on my spinning wheel behind my owl.  I keep a gallon size baggie next to the drum carder and after I make batts, any of the leftover fiber that I take off that isn't "nice enough" for selling goes in the bag.  This skein is either going to be a colorful hat or mitts. I'm not sure yet.

I realized earlier this week that I haven't made any unisex hats in awhile and they always make great gifts and sale items.  I found the Barley pattern on Ravelry and thought it would be perfect.  It was a quick knit.  I had it done in just a couple of days. This hat is using a skein of 100% BFL dyed by Our Humble Castle.  I like it so much that I am casting on another one using my Alpaca.
Finally, I made another Christmas scarf using the clasp weaving technique that I've become very fond of.  I sold the one I shared last week so hopefully this one will find a new owner soon.  I seriously might have a fiber arts addiction problem but please do not show me the cure.

One last thing.  As a Thank You for reading my blog, check out my Etsy Shop of Wonder.  Use COUPON CODE:  THANKFUL for 15% off any order of $25 or more.  I plan to add a few more items tomorrow for Small Business Saturday. Now, share your adventures in Fiber Arts!
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  1. Love love love that cutie little owl! I'm collecting my carder waste as well, hopefully one day I'll have a beautiful skein just like yours. And of your weaving... well you know I'm a fan :)

  2. Awesome scarf!
    Love the owl too - so adorable.
    Have a great holiday weekend - Doctor Who is a big thing in our home too :)

  3. I love the scarf!!!!!!!! The owl is adorable, but aren't all owls?

  4. Your carder waste skein is really gorgeous. I've been keeping mine, but it's all in seperate baggies in different boxes. Maybe I should just keep it handy!

  5. Love your little owl. Your weaving is great too. At first I thought the dark section was an interesting skyline of roofs.

  6. Hi Andrea! I have cathced again needles and wool! Your yarn is so beautiful! I love that mixed colour and the owl is really cute! x Teje

  7. The owl is just so cute! I hope you are having a fantastic day with your family!

  8. Owl-tastic! So darn cute!
    Happy long weekend with your family.

  9. As always love the scarf and the yarn!!! You are so talented!!!

  10. I love the owl ... as well as that great little skein of awesomeness you culled from your other spins. That is just fantabulous! I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving - enjoy your leftovers.

  11. I love the carder waste idea.

    I hope that your Thanksgiving was Wonder-ful.

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