Friday, December 6, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday - Procrastination, really?

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Here we are on the 6th of December and I've yet to begin any handmade gifts.  Seriously!  I have ideas but not sure quite what to do.  Will they like it?  Is it the right color? Should I knit it or weave it? I just don't know so...I continue to create items to sell at my final show of the year.

Next week is the Buy Local Art Show at the Kalamazoo Nature Center.  I do love this show.  Since it's mainly finished goods, I've been busy weaving and knitting.  I always feel pressure when it's finished goods especially since I want to spin yarn all day.  Every item I make, I want to keep. I'm not a fast knitter but I enjoy knitting and I simply fall in love with everything on my looms.   At the Weaver's Guild Sale, I about had a spaz attack when I saw a couple walking to the checkout line with one of my scarves.  I'm still in awe that I create items that others want.

My newest woven creation uses my Black Alpaca yarn with bits of Blue and Green.  I am in love with this scarf.  I really need to make more unisex items and this one definitely fits that.

I also created another hat using the Barley pattern.  This time I used my Alpaca yarn in the Buccaneer base.  It feel amazing.  Making this hat in wool then in my alpaca really just proves why I have a herd of Alpaca on the farm and not sheep.  I do love the soft halo that Alpaca gives and just the overall wonder of the fiber.

So that's my week in Fiber Arts.  I have two bobbins filled on the spinning wheel that I just need to ply and I've been working on another hat during my lunches at work.  I really need to warp my loom again.  Gifts?  Oh, there's another 20 days or so before Christmas...I have time ;-)  Now share your adventures in Fiber Arts.
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  1. It's not surprising you want to keep them, they are beautiful! Your work is brilliant. I bet your hat feels fantastic!

  2. Of course people want to buy your stuff!!! You create beautiful things!

  3. Gorgeous! And what a great feeling to know people want your stuff, not that I'm surprised!

  4. Who wouldn't want to have those beautiful scarves of yours! And I'm so excited to be checking out your gorgeous alpaca fibre :D

  5. You have definitely had a fiber week! nice hat, btw

  6. Love that scarf! I bet unisex items sell very well at fairs, much more suitable for gifts.

  7. You procrastinate? No, never - it's not procrastination, just bbbbbuuuuusssssy!!! I love your weaving (and of course your spinning), so I'd say weave like the wind, sister. :) I also love that black scarf - very nice.

  8. I absolutely love the scarf. That is definitely something I would buy. The hat is nice also and ooks really soft. I have Fav'd your Etsy shop. Enjoy Your weekend !