Friday, March 28, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday - Week 13 2014

Fiber Arts Friday is here!  This was a week of new skills and...more snow.  My knitting mojo is officially gone and with it, the renewed love of wet felting.  Spring has definitely sprung...somewhere, just not in Michigan.

With the thoughts on Spring, I learned how to make felted bird pods this last weekend from one of my favorite fiber friends and amazing Felting Instructor, Suzanne Higgs.  She is one of the most wonderful and beautiful people I have ever met and spending an afternoon with her along with a group of our friends was a total riot full of laughter and projects.

The bird pod I made is meant to be a home for Wrens.  I had so much fun making this pod that I ended up making a second one the next day.

The first pod was made using Finn Wool.  I worked on a couple of techniques including making "barnacles" which are the orange embellishments you see and also some voids which didn't photograph well on the back side.  They look similar to the opening.  Yes, the pod has two openings.  The inner opening has some dyed mohair at the entrance.

There is also some silk neps sprinkled through the project to add some extra color and texture.

On day two, I used 100% Alpaca.  I didn't use any extra techniques because I was curious to see how the Alpaca felted in this project.  I used a total of four extra layers compared to the wool.  It's not as stiff as the Finn.  Next time, I might use a bit more or...add one layer of wool.  I did put Suri Alpaca locks in for dimension.  I was surprised how much it felted in.  The back side you see it better.  You can definitely see how much harrier the Alpaca is once felted compared to the wool too.  Felting is another fun way to study fibers.

The first pod was claimed by my daughter.  She stood at her bedroom window and told where on the tree she wanted me to hang it so she can enjoy the birds.  I love that girl!  I haven't decided where to hang the second one yet.  I think a home near the goats is a good idea.  I plan to make a few more to hang around the farm.  It truly a fun felting project.

I also spun another skein of yarn this week.  I'm still working on different techniques.  I ended up with a health DK weight in my Alpaca/Merino blend.

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  1. Those are amazing! I absolutely love them. Yours look fantastic.

  2. The bird pods are a fun idea. I hope some birds move into Sister Bear's pod. :-)

    I love your yarn.

  3. First of all, your skein of grey is absolutely gorgeous. I have had a bag of grey roving sitting next to my spinning wheel for 3 months and haven't had a chance to get to it yet. I keep telling myself that it's the first thing I'm going to do in May once all of my April commitments are finished. Second: those wren pods!!! Stunning. And funny enough, I am just finishing up a POTTERY birdhouse pod. I just need to add the rope to hang it, and hopefully next week I can share pictures.

  4. That blend looks AMAZING and the natural color is beautiful!

  5. I made a pod a couple of years ago, just as an experiment, now I feel inspired to hang it outside for the birds. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautifully made pods! Now I am moved to action instead of continued pondering! I'm going to see what info I can find online about creating pods. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. The bird pods look funny and amazing at the same time. I wish I can live in an alpaca house!

  8. I'm with Vivian - an alpaca house sounds so cool! I do love those pods - what a great shape - and yours both came out well.

    You may not like my post today, cause spring has sprung in these here parts. :)

  9. I would love to see if the birds use them!

  10. Yes, wondering if birds like these??