Friday, April 25, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday - Week 17 2014

Fiber Arts Friday is here!  This week wasn't so much about using the fiber as it was processing it.  We had our annual shear weekend last Saturday.  Our Alpacas were sheared and now I have bags of fiber to sort by color, length and grade to prepare for the mill and for what I process myself.

Saturday's shearing wore me out.  I didn't  feel very motivated to knit, spin or weave for the first few days while the muscles I use only once a year screamed at me.

We spent a lot of time outside as a family enjoying our herd of Alpaca and the goats.  Very little progress was made on my weaving project and my spinning wheel has sat more than spun although I have been working on a project that I promise to share next week.

Share your adventures in fiber arts!  Next week, I promise some new yarn and woven fabric.
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  1. I surely can understand how shearing would wear you out. Sometimes we don't stop and think how much goes into the fabulous fibers we work with.
    Lovely you got to spend time as a family and enjoy being outdoors.

  2. Your alpacas do look cute sheared. I must show this to my husband, My dream is to move to the country and rear alpacas, while he wants to have a small bit of woodland to manage.

  3. Look at that gorgeous fiber, yum! How cute are the alpacas with their haircut? :)


  4. That fleece looks beautiful coming off your alpaca!

  5. Naked Alpacas! I love it!! Such sweet faces. Enjoy your bounty.

  6. I got my first fleece this week, navajo-churro, and I am coming to a whole new appreciation for those who prepare my fiber!

  7. Ooooh... super soft, sweet alpaca fleece! LOVE!

  8. I don't know if this makes me giggle or feel sorry for you! I definitely want to shear an alpaca one day.

  9. Hi, they look so cute without their coats:-)

  10. Ah, sheering season, I do wish we still have a farm nearby we could visit (and buy yarn ;-))

  11. Alpacas are so cute with brand new hair cuts! I am going to eventually learn the process from animal to yarn, so I can appreciate (in advance!) your sore muscles.

  12. I sat down this morning to start my FAF post for next week and found this week's still in draft form... :-P

    We shear ours next weekend... I love that black fleece coming off. Gorgeous!!